Our pal Alex’s heavily photo-shopped mug adorns the cover & rightfully so. A big chunk of June at TARG is dedicated to celebrating the release of “…and the Magic of Horses”, a forthcoming album by NEW SWEARS. We’ve got a whole weekend of back to back shows to give these guys the love & encouragement their hard work deserves.

INSIDE THE JUNE 2017 TARG ZINE: Father’s day is approaching fast - do you have what it takes to beat HIM at the “you vs Dad” wizard challenge? There are only winners all around when you attend our first Father’s Day Free-Play Brunch buffet… details inside. Ottawa’s Synthesizer Festival … S.O.S.fest hits TARG this month - your chance to to hear live tunes from some of the best electronic artists around the globe - get your robot on. Curtis pays homage to some home-brewed TV genius & slime in his ADVENTURES OF TARG comic, Ya, we know Canada 150 is a big deal in the nation’s capital, but have you heard about SKANADA DAY? Danny Rebel is dropping his new release at TARG on July 1st and the very popular VOICE OF THE PEOPLE SKA NITE gang is backing up this insane Canada Day Party - if huge crowds and tourist attractions aren’t your thing take refuge in a classic arcade and skank the nite away! The perfect summer pint is waiting for you… keep your eyes on our taps. You gotta see it to be it - get pumped full of inspiration from the the women of S.O.S.fest as they reveal their muses, Josh arranges a leave vacation for some PEZ dispensers, Star Wars stars, & superhero action figures in his highly unusual TOYS R JOSH comic strip, BIG BERNIE takes a break from the potato chips and shares some BURGER TIME knowledge, SLO' TOM addresses seasonal depression disorder, career planning & sagely band info in his advice column, Ska jeff counts down his fave electropunk albums, DJ KJMAXX shares the top 10 SUNDAY FREE-PLAY arcade jams of last month, MONTY "Bonds" with his loyal Monthly Free Pinball Tournament gang over some GOLDENEYE Pinball tips, important news for pinball enthusiast on page 18, help Ottawa’s most fun "boy band" complete 6 challenging task on the NEW SWEARS FUN BOY ACTIVITY PAGE, Wizard Elixir Jennilee makes it easy to show how much you love yer dad with her father’s day colouring page….. Sick of New Swears yet? Hope not cause photo-hound Petr Maur captured a pretty wicked snapshot of them shooting up the the arcade with lazer gunz for the June Targ Pin up, and finally everything you need to know about this months amazing line-up of entertainment at TARG in YOGI’S  PEROGRAM. Grap yer copy at the arcade or DOWNLOAD IT HERE