S.O.S.Fest - Ottawa’s Synthesizer Festival June 14 - 18

The S.O.S.Fest zine contains everything you need to know about the upcoming 5 synth fuelled days of concerts & events at House of TARG featuring legendary & emerging DRONE/SYNTH-POP/DARKWAVE performers from Germany, Iceland, France, Toronto, Montreal & Ottawa… Yep, Rational Youth, Psyche, Xarah Dion, Dada Pogrom, Automelodi, Castle If & more will all be performing - Amazing!

INSIDE THE ZINE: performer bios, an interview with TRACY HOWE of RATIONAL YOUTH, a beginners guide to Iconic synthesizers, info about the SYNTH MEET-UP - your chance to meet folks in the Ottawa Synth community and check out their amazing machines, Wizardly words of wisdom from the women of S.O.S.fest for women who are interested in making electronic music, take a trip to the North Atlantic & visit Dada Pogrom’s Reykjavik studio via a drool worthy photo tour of Eyjarslóð 9 studios, learn about the drum machine that changed the world, a sweet pin-up of Ottawa synth guru Hard Science plus the all important festival schedule so you can plan your week. Grab your copy at the arcade, cool record & music stores around town or download it here.