A Record Review of my New Record by Me: B.A. Johnston

Remember that song ACDC did about thunder or Back in Black or something and how it kinda sounded like their other song about Dirty Deeds or like TNT or something....

Well my new record SHIT SUCKS is kinda like that. Songs about dump bears and discounted garlic bread sounding kinda like my songs about being a geriatric old man and ditties about my crappy cat. Not as good as STAIRWAY TO HAMILTON but not as bad as THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND.

Seems as though I at least had the good sense to enlist a whose who of Canadian Music. Paid for by Mother’s Bingo Winnings and the lure of Free Whoppers, (album was recorded on Whopper Wed), it has Mike Oneill producing (Inbreds), as well as Nathan Doucet (Crosss) and Adam Mowery (Grubbies) playing various instruments and crud on it. Which helps.

If you liked My old compact discs chances are you won’t hate this one, If you hated my old compact discs you will probably still hate this one. You might not but it seems unlikely. You could still order it to see if you hate it but there are no refunds and then you would just be stuck with it, until you can unload it on your juggalo cousin you get as Secret Santa next Dec.

I will give my new album 2.5 perogies out of 5.

I will give my new album 2.5 perogies out of 5.