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BA JOHNSTON + Dead Weights + Sailor Jupiter + The Unknown Wrestler

Presented by: House Of TARG
Doors: 9pm / Show at 10pm
Cover: $5 before 10pm / $8 after 10pm

BA JOHNSTON is one our favourite performers & we are glad to have him back in his natural habitat… the arcade. This time around he will be pulling out all the stops (unusual sweaters, dollar store theatrics, mildly catchy tunes etc.) to try and get us to buy his new album “Shit Sucks”. Lets support this self described “failed showman” so that he doesn’t have to end up working in Fort McMurray.

Shit Sucks, BA’s tenth studio album and one of the few ones actually recorded in a studio (partially), treads familiar territory for Hamilton’s Sweatiest Entertainer. Songs about sitting on the couch, stealing from the liquor cabinet and sitting on a different couch promise to rocket BA to the best seller list of every Sunrise Records in the country.  After the laughter, BA tackles some serious subject matter on his heartfelt ballad “Nuke Toronto”.

Influences -
Coffee, sardonicism, urban bullshit, raging out in a government town, burritos, steve's fishing stories, job-surfing, vegan poutine, some other things.

Anthemic garage combo

Stand up comedy from parts unknown and if you don't laugh he'll make your parts unknown.