The April YEAR ONE Issue Of TARG Zine Has Landed!

The cover of this months special anniversary zine features every band (337) who has played the TARG stage and every game we have had on location (71). We wanted to show our appreciation to all those talented musician who entertained us and to all you TARGians who are so passionate about the arcade. #ThanksForPlaying.

Young Felix reviews “Blessed Black Wings” by HIGH ON FIRE (+ his profile pic has been updated to reflect the hard work he has been doing on his hair), Fats from reveals the legend of the TARG stage curtains, Slo’ Tom shares his fave Ottawa locations to take a dump, Obi-Wan has some sage arcade advice in the Josh’R’Toys segment, Ska Jeff (same profile pic) counts down the best YEAR ONE gigs at TARG, there’s a new Wizard Challenge for you and yer friends to tackle, Yogi tells you everything you need to know about the jam packed April concert calendar, Miss Pussycat (of QUINTRON) tells us how to make a puppet friend STEP BY STEP, huge news about our menu & game line up, there's also a list of TARG’s greatest hits and misses so far and how we plan to celebrate our YEAR ONE anniversary this month. Pick up your copy at the arcade or download the PDF here: