BLACKOUT! Issue #62 of TARG Zine Is Now Orbiting!

The MAY cover of TARG ZINE pays homage to one of the most amazing pinball back glasses of all time… BLACKOUT (1980) - but nothing compares to seeing a real one these beauties in person - which you can do at HOUSE OF TARG.

INSIDE ISSUE #62: Choose your own adventure by carefully selecting one of three valuable TARG coupons, Mothers’s Day FreePlay Brunch info inside, The May Wicked Shows Alert offers some tips for planning your entertainment this month, Professor Bernie shares the ins & outs of the classic 1984 bartending game TAPPER, Curtis the Comic book artists has TARG on a new space themed adventure, Get all the info you need about our new 1980 solid state pinball machine BLACKOUT - follow the tips and to achieve hi-scores - its all in Monty’s Master Class, Our Multicade machines total 60+ games from the golden age of video games - ARCADE ACTION suggests a couple for you try, MEOW! THAT’s HOT Kitchen + Bar at 519 Bank always has some awesome Canadian wax spinning - that’s why co-owner Larry features a local vinyl review every month in TARG ZINE - this month - THE JOHN HENRYS - Sweet as the Grain (2008), Stormtroopers eating hot dogs? True story - check it out in the TOYS R JOSH comic strip, Our good buddy Sheila shares a cool interview with the talented & very busy founder/creative director of DEBASER, Rachel Weldon, An anime sword fighting classic is coming to The Mayfair Theatre - let josh Stafford tell you all aboot it in his column ACROSS THE STREET, SLO’ TOM knows a thing or two about a thing or two…. this month, he gracefully responds to some criticism, shares some driving advice & provides some comforting wisdom for those who are apprehensive about growing old, DJ KJMAXX shares an inspirational FREE-PLAY story, forgot to buy mom a gift… just colour Jennilee’s May weirdo illustration & give it to her… who wouldn’t want your amateurish crappy colouring as gift? VJ SKA Jeff is this months TARG Pin up - only a few months of school left to hang this precious photo up in you locker AND of of course everything you need to know about all of the amazing shows and events happening at TARG this month can be found in YOGI’s PEROGRAM.