TARG HI-FIVE: Issue #61 of TARG Zine is here!

WOW - thanks Ottawa! A well deserved Hi-Five from all the TARG Wizards to you for support us since 2014 - that’s 5 years this Wed April 17 - Amazing!

INSIDE ISSUE #61 - check out our list of every band that played & every game you played at TARG between April 2018 - April 2019…. it’s a long read! If you are interested in stats we have you covered with our "5 year Hi-Scores" - everything from the number of bands that played TARG to the number of perogies that were handmade for the past 5 years. Take a sneak peak at some of the fun staff in store for you at our official 5 Year Anniversary Party Wed April 17. Our trusty WICKED SHOWS ALERT hi-lights a few not-to-be-missed shows for all sorts of musical tastes, Professor Bernie gets into the. spirit of spring by reviewing the 1981 classic LADYBUG in his Video Game Superguide, CURTIS still hasn’t run out of funny ideas for the amazing ADVENTURES OF TARG Comic… so weird! METAL UP YOUR CATS is back this month… well sort of… you gotta see it to believe it. TRAPPED UNDER ICE is a new Canadian Metal Compilation on wax but it is also touring show featuring 5 of the best metal bands around - details inside TARG zine. You already knew BA Johnston was coming back to TARG on Fri April 12 to promote his new album “The Skid Is Hot Tonight” but did you know he has his own TV show? Learn all about BA’s 6 HAM JAM episodes in out SKIDFLIX listing. Larry re-visits the self titled TOKYO SEX WHALE in his What's Spinnin' At Meow! That’s Hot review column, This month's TOYS ARE JOSH comic features He-Man & Jabba The Hut - prepare to laugh, Sheila is back with another interview with an inspirational woman from the Ottawa Arts/Entertainment scene, "NUDE ON THE MOON… A Man discovers a Nature Camp On the Moon” - yep that's the title & premise of a strange & rare 50 year film showing Across The Street at the MAYFAIR THEATRE this month - let Josh Stafford prime you for this truly bizarre flick. Oh boy, Chip Nut is back but SLO’ TOM takes care of the situation in his advice column. If you have a calculator watch then it would be easy for you to figure out that 5 Years of TARG also means 5 years of SUNDAY FREEPLAY - read DJ KJMAXX’s anniversary message. The amazing Jennilee finds inspiration in her fave Futurist painter Charles Demuth for this months colouring page, Andrew Christian Carver captures Ottawa Psych Rockers SLOW DAWN in action for this months TARG Pin-Up plus everything you need to know about all the amazing concerts & events taking place at House of TARG this month can be found in YOGI’S PEROGRAM. Grab yer free copy at the arcade or Download it here.