So many reasons to celebrate: Summer is here, Canada’s 1st pride month is in effect, fantastic events coming to TARG & we have acquired a 2 player cocktail ASTEROIDS machine originally released in 1979.

Some news about our CANCON Canada Day Bash Benefit for CHEO. On July 1 dozens of amazing local musicians will be paying homage to the greatest Canadian Rock, Metal & Punk songs all nite long in a effort to raise enough money to put a Classic Arcade Machine at CHEO. We think the magic of video games can help some kids & families get through rough times. Help us make this dream come true & support this super fun event - read all about it.

Millennial Felix shares some news about a special All Ages Benefit show he is organizing, Slo’ Tom is back with some advice & things are getting heated with the Chipnut feud, Wizard Mark has sourced out a new summer brew you will want to read about then drink, info about #gigs4good an amazing fundraising initiative that has TARG teamed up with Beau’s All Natural, Vans, Antique - if yer in a band you will really want to know about it, Learn about - the loudest live rock performance of all time, why beards & beer don’t mix & which classic video game turns 35 this month - all in the Beau-lieve It Or Not column, the Toys R Josh comix will give you exactly 3 chuckles - we promise, Ska Jeff counts down his 5 fave Nardwuar interviews - Go Canada, meet our newest Wizards & one of the newest people on earth in our Wizard of the Month feature, Val Halla has another purrrfect Metal Up You Cats interview with Dan from Occult Burial & his cat Bono, Learn how to win at Asteroids so you can let your parents know you are making IT happen, the TARG machine gets to meet Alice Cooper in Curtis’ Adventures of TARG comic, we have some important Arcade PSA’s by some amazing musicians that recently played TARG, Jennilee gets super weird with her June colouring page… she might be going nutz... just the way we like it, check out this months TARG pin-up photographed by genius Petr Maur and of course everything you need to know about this months exciting line-up of killers show & events can be found in Yogi’s Perogram. Grab yer copy at the Arcade or DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE