Punk Rock Journalist & former Much Music personality, Nardwuar the Human Serviette is definitely one of our national treasures. He’s know for his freakishly well researched interviews & unusual approach. An interview with Nard is a litmus test for cool. Here are my top 5 Nardwuar encounters.

Nardwuar has interviewed Snoop Dogg something like 8 times & has had his Redd Foxx doll, Blowfly & Richard Pryor records stolen by the rapper. During the 2010 interview Nard was rendered speechless (rare) as he watched Snoop microwave a blunt for 11 seconds. Apparently it helps trap the ingredients in.


Arguably his most informative & genuinely rewarding interview to date. As per, “The Scientist, the RZA-Rekta, the Abbott”, RZA takes control early on, with Ghostface, U-God, Cappadonna, Masta Killa & Raekwon all featuring. Nardwuar brushes on RZA’s untouchable Kung-Fu flick game, as well as throwing out a few “way back when” records that take The Abbott by genuine surprise & lead to some genuine reflection regarding the history and inspiration for much of the Wu Tang material.

Who woulda thunk a seemingly plastic mega pop Icon could be like-able but she actually passed the test & you end up thinking she is kinda cool. She was so comfortable with the unusual interviewer that she freely divulged that her mom dated Jimi Hendrix & her dad was Timothy Leary’s Acid dealer. We also discover she is a huge Andrew WK fan & thinks Nardwuar is the best!

#2. Michael Moore:
He was interviewed twice by Nardwuar, and conducted a guerrilla style interview the second time in 2002. At the last minute, Moore’s publicist informed Nardwuar that Mr. Moore would be canceling all his interviews. This kinda sucked, until Nardwuar got a tip as to where he was staying and ends up going on a car ride adventure with Moore around Vancouver.

#1. GWAR:
The ludicrously weird Orderus Urungus vs the zany Nardwuar. What a wacky and wild interview. Two favourite questions:

1)“What exactly does the future hold for Gwar?”
 “Pain, death, suffering, torment, uh, Ouiji boards, uh flamingos, plated mail, flying 747s”  

2) “Is there anyway to stop a Gwar show?”
“Yes don’t go”.