On July 9 1981 Donkey Kong was released & we got to meet Mario for the first time. Kongs face is on the cover and he doesn’t look to bad for a 35 year old!

Gen “The Geek Girl” will represent Ottawa in the National Air Guitar Championships this month in Toronto…. she WILL win - find out why in TARG Zine. A special 2 for 1 Wizard of the Month features a couple of perogi makin’ gentlemen, Get the scoop on Pinball Josh’s recent pilgrimage to Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas - VIVA JOSH VEGA!. Did you know there was an “outsider, analog food vending” game scene at TARG? Gotta read the zine to find out more. Thankfully SLO’ TOM still has the time and energy to field some your most important questions in his advice column - an essential read for those wondering about white socks vs black socks. The TOYS R JOSH comic is cocked & loaded with laughs. Celebrate the 35th anniversary of Donkey Kong by learning some weird facts about this challenging classic. Val Halla interviews Black Tower vocalist/guitarist Erin about here fuzzy roommate Bill in METAL UP YOUR CATS. Ska Jeff counts down his fave Wizards in HI-FIVES. Curtis pulls us deeper into the weird world known as ADVENTURE OF TARG. Big Bern shares secret info about Centipede from his Video Game Super Guide - you will be better for reading it & and you will never get that time back. Wizard Jennilee gives us yet another weird Wizard to colour, 3 of the most handsome DeeJays in town are featured in Petr Maurs' July TARG PIN-UP & of course everything you need to know all the amazing concerts taking place at TARG this month can be found in Yogi’s Perogram. Grab your copy at the arcade or DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE