That’s right, Ottawa’s coolest cat will be at the arcade to give out hi-5’s, sign “pawtographs, pose for awesome pictures & raise awareness for the Ottawa Senators Foundation. So exciting to have such a rock star at house of TARG. Also, did you know that we collect a portion of the coins popped into our Sens vs Leafs Bubble Hockey Game to donate to the The Sens Foundation? True story - we will be presenting our pal Sparty with a cheque for the amount raised so far and you are all invited to the TARG SPARTY PARTY!

The Sens Foundation is an organization that empowers children and youth to reach their full potential by investing in social recreation and education programs that promote both physical and mental wellness.


Our friends across the street at the MAYFAIR THEATRE also have a super fun Pyjama Party earlier in the day starting at 10am. It’s the Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat-Cereal Cartoon Party, Volume 15. Enjoy 3hrs of classic cartoons, retro commercial breaks, bottomless cereal bowls. A great way to kick off the day before heading over to TARG for the SPARTY PARTY!
More about the Mayfair Theatre

PUSH START - To Activate Issue #47 of TARG Zine

WoW! Time Flies - 2nd month of 2018, nearly 50 issues of TARG Zine & the iconic 3D space shooter STAR FOX for SNES turns 25 this month... yep time flies AND does barrel rolls!!!!!

INSIDE THE FEBRUARY ISSUE OF TARG ZINE: What do you have planned for FAMILY DAY? Our suggestion involves FREE-PLAY Video Games, Perogies & Pizza - more info inside the zine. Need more IRON (maiden) in your diet? Look no further than this months appetizer special THE NUMBER OF THE BORSCHT - our take on a traditional Ukrainian Beetroot soup - yum yum, Get the full re-cap of last months amazing Lemmy Tribute Nite - so much fun, Josh digs into the acting career of NICK CAGE & fills us in on a new MAYFAIR THEATRE premiere in his “Across The Street” article, SKA JEFF gets REALLY HIGH for his Hi-Fives column and counts down the top Ottawa Tobogganing spots… warning - might get as controversial & heated as Bernies Top 10 Chips article. We have some arcade rumours for ya - reports of a new expedition themed pinball machine and some new golden age of video game classics arriving this month, Curtis stays weird & demented with his ADVENTURES OF TARG comic, Pinball tournament organizing king pin MONTY recaps the end of season HALL OF WIZARDS 2017 championship that took place last month - find out who won. Professor Bernie share his thoughts on the 5star rated NFL BLITZ ’99 game. Check out some incredible Metal themed valentines day cards & re-kindle a heavy connections, Check out a couple of Perogi Wizard Will’s Bananimal Creations, KJMAXX counts down the top 10 heart breaking Valentine’s Day Friend Zone jamz, As long as people have questions SLO’ TOM has answers & something to keep him occupied for the month - thank god - read his latest batch of advice, We welcome a new brew from PERTH BREWING to the TARG beer fridge, the spotlight gets put on Ottawa Heavy Metal god/dog Topon Das and his amazing APARTMENT 2 recording studio in this months “THE LOCAL MIX” article, break out the crayons Jennilee has a rad valentine’s day pic for you to colour in for yer sweetheart, the most entertaining MC in the Burlesque Scene is the Feb TARG Pin-up plus everything you need to about everything going down at TARG this month in Yogi’s Perogram. Grab your free collectable copy at the arcade or download it here: 

ISSUE #46 OF TARG ZINE - The first one of 2018

The cover features a hilarious caricature of Wizard/Community Builder/Underground Music Aficionado SKA JEFF because, in this issue, he took the time to put together a comprehensive list of all the 2017 Ottawa Music Releases that should be on your radar - Thanks Jeff!

Inside the January Issue of TARG Zine: The next edition of Remi Royale’s 80’s Dance Party is locked & load, info about the killer line-up on page 2, we had a short break at the start of the month - get a glimpse how The TARG Wizards celebrated xmas, news about a couple of upcoming community fundraising events & how to celebrate Ukrainian New Year all covered in the TARG JIBBER JABBER column, so many wicked shows this months we highlighted 6 that cover the full spectrum of musical taste, Josh Stafford is back with some MAYFAIR THEATRE news in his column ACROSS THE STREET, SKA JEFF shares the top local music releases so you can have some neat tunes to listen to while you slug it out in your office cube, DOC BROWN meets up with LUKE SKYWALKER in the TOYS R JOSH comic, CURTIS “phones-it-in” with his highly absurd ADVENTURES OF TARG comic, get some multiball action going on the HARLEY DAVIDSON pin with a little help from MONTY’s MASTERCLASS, Professor BERNIE gives us the goods on the 1986 classic ARKANOID in his video game Superguide, Read the very surprising story behind the MORTAL KOMBAT II demonic voice in an article called “FINISH HIM!!”, Sun Nite FREE-PLAY TOUGHEN UP DJ KJMAXX counts down the top Space Disco tunes his Space Boogie Crew played at our epic NYE party, SLO’ TOM had to field a lot of New Years resolution & self improvement questions this month - maybe his advice applies to you too, some New Brews in the TARG Beer Fridge - get the skinny on ‘em in TARG ZINE, wondering what Jan 2018 has in store for you but can’t afford to hire a proper clairvoyant? No probs ZOLTARG is here to help with is discount fortunes/predictions, Jennilee digs deep into her wild imagination to create a hidden Old Ottawa South that you can colour, this months TARG Pin Up features an unholy FINAL FALL action shot by ANDREW CHRISTIAN CARVER  to help get you stoked for the upcoming DARK GATHERING Industrial/Goth nite & of course everything you need to know about all of our January events is covered in YOGI’s PEROGRAM.
Grab yer copy at the arcade or DOWNLOAD IT HERE


INSIDE ISSUE #45: info about our holiday hours, learn all about Jars In Bars, a new brew we are carrying from Collinwood ON & a wizardly Holiday Craft show in the mishmash column that is TARG JIBBER JABBER, check out Curtis’ 45th straight Adventures of TARG comic - he’s a comic strip machine. Ska Jeff counts down his 5 fave Christmas slasher films, get an Ottawa Punk History lesson in preparation for the return of legendary punk band THE TRAPT at TARG Fri Dec 22, DJ KJMAXX counts down his top 10 Toughen Up! Free-Play Sunday finale jamz, Josh has a couple of funny comix featuring stormtroopers & Husky Helpers, Josh Stafford from The MAYFAIR Theatre gives us the scoop on their Cartoon, Cereal Pajama Party on Sat Dec 16, professor Bernie gives us the straight goods on the Konami classic GYRUSS in his Video Game Superguide. L.A. based actor & Second City Comedy Troupe veteran MARC HICKOX is coming to TARG to freak us all out - learn more about his highly unusual act in the WHO THE HECK IS HEINO article, Gap-year Felix reviews a cool cassette by the band FAZE, SLO’ TOM has some tips to help get you through the Holiday Season. December marks the 35th anniversary of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial game for the Atari 2600 - was it the worst game ever made? Find out inside the pages of TARG Zine, get the crayons out and colour yet another adorable illustration by Jennilee, after a long hiatus BEARSHARK are back and these handsome fellas are this months TARG Pin-up Plus everything you need to know about all the shows happening at the arcade this December are covered in Yogi’s Perogram.

Grab your copy at TARG or DOWNLOAD IT HERE


The classic 70’s handheld favourite Coleco Electronic Quarterback is on the cover as a tribute to the Grey Cup Fever that is starting to boil over in our city.

INSIDE THE NOV ISSUE OF TARG ZINE: the 45th anniversary of pong, celebrity sightings & new brews all covered in the TARG JIBBER JABBER column, tons of great shows this months 6 important ones are featured in WICKED SHOW ALERTS so you don’t miss out, SLO’ TOM settles a booze dispute between a father & son & shares his expertise of cinema in his advice column, Curtis has another hilarious Adventures of TARG comic, BTW has anyone seen our TARG machine? KJ MAXX lists his fave Toughen Up! Guest DJs - Ottawa’s cream of the crop record nerd aficionados. A two page spread dedicated to football stuff including some thoughts by Canada's Entertainer & CFL super fan B.A. JOHNTSON, A new column called Across the Street by The Mayfair Theater’s Josh Stafford reviews the 1984 vid game classic The Last StarFighter which will receive a rare screening on Nov 26 as part of the Mayfair Kids Club series, THE LOCAL MIX, your guide to the studios & producers who make the music happen in our town profiles DARKSIDE PRODUCTIONS & its founder Wizard Mike Raymond, Gap Year Felix has a record review for fans of spooky tunes, Some pics of the best costumes from our recent and totally fun TARG HALLOWEEN KROOKED KARNIVAL, Monty helps us to understand the magnificently bizarre Zaccaria masterpiece pinball machine ‘ROBOT” in the MASTERCLASS, Professor Bernie puts down the bag of chips to write about the 1983 hit Jr. Pac-Man, Jennilee still finds time to give her fans a cute illustration to colour (we miss you JL), prolific rock photo journalist Andrew Carver captures one Switched On Synths most exciting performers Douce Angoisse for this months TARG Pin-up, Plus everything you need to know about all the shows going down this month in Yogi’s Perogram. Grab yer copy at the arcade or .....


Halloween is our fave time of year at TARG and this months issue has no shortage of Spooktacular articles, information & distractions.

INSIDE ISSUE #43: Get the scoop on our official TARG Halloween 2017 Party - it’s gonna be extra bananas & super Crooked! So many bands from far & wide playing TARG this month - check out the TARG Welcome Wagon, heads-up: Family Free-Play Super Sundays have been re-booted for the entire month Amazing! We have 6 unique Halloween themed shows this month - Burlesque, Ska, Emo, Metal, a Free-Play Rampage Event & a Krooked Karnival - it’s all inside the pages of TARG ZINE. SLO’ TOM answers questions about skydiving & broaches the controversial topic of gasoline in his advice column, SKA JEFF counts down his top 5 Halloween themed Pinball machines, Professor Bernie gives you the low down on one of our most overlooked vid games WORLD RALLY, the TOYS R JOSH comic features Pruneface & some salve problems, Curtis gets weird (duh!) in his monthly Adventures of TARG comic, DJ KJMAXX reveals 10 Halloween traxx that are guaranteed to turn any dance party into a SCREAM-O-RAMA, TARG t’s are back in stock, our beer fridge has a new lager from Poland, see a Canadian Rock Icon stuff his face with perogies & more in the TARG JIBBER JABBER Column. Get a tour of local punk legend DAVE DUDLEY's (Furnaceface/Dave’s Drum Shop) recording studio, Val Halla is back with another METAL UP YOUR CATS article - meet Chris from the metal band DROID’s furry roommate Curry, FELIX is on a gap year so he finally has time to do some record reviews - this month he features DUR DUR DUR by local punk outfit Durs Coeurs, Monty has never watched GAME OF THRONES on tv but he tells us how to rack up big scores on Pinball version in his MASTER CLASS, Did Halloween costumes from yesteryear suck? You be the judge after reading HARSH HALLOWEENS OF THE 70’s & 80’s, SHEILA is the Wizard of the month - get to know her - she makes your food, Wizard Jennilee is a busy woman but she still finds time to create wonderful illustration for you to colour - Thanks JL & last but not least everything you need to know about shows & events TARG this month is covered in YOGI’S PEROGRAM. Grab yer copy at the arcade or Download it here:


11am - 9pm Every Sunday during October

All Classic Arcade Video Games will be set to FREE-PLAY mode ALL DAY LONG to maximize your summer family fun!! Bring the kids and Grandma too - show them all your radical Ms. Pac Man skills. We are always family friendly before 9pm and we thought it would be fun to extend some FREE-PLAY action to budding arcade wizards before school starts.

PINBALL - *our collection of 17 pinball machine will be available for pay play and range between 50 cents - $1 per game


all 25 video game cabinets will be on free-play. Unlimited arcade action. Games on Free-Play include: Track & Field, Super Mario Bros., Ice Climber, Excitebike, Capcom vs Marvel, San Francisco Rush the Rock - Alcatraz Edition, Area51/Maximum Force, Double Dragon, Gauntlet (4player), Space Invaders Deluxe, 60 in 1 Cocktail, NBA Jam, Tetris, Pac-Man 60 in 1 Stand Up, Area 51: Site 4, Turbo, WWF Wrestlefest (4 player), Super Chexx Bubble Hockey, Centipede Cocktail, Asteroids Cocktail, Super Off-Road, Burger Time, Donkey Kong, 1942, Galaga, Galaxian, Qix, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man Pooyan & more (over 100 playable titles)

18 pinball machines • 25 classic arcade cabinets • over 100 playable titles • 7 kinds of perogies  • enjoy our wide selection of Craft & domestic brews at our fully licensed bar.

Games List here:


(regular perogi service continues at 3pm)

choice of 2 eggs (fried or scrambled), 3 traditional perogies, Ukrainian kolbassa sausage (3 pieces), 2 pieces bacon, 2 slices of choice of white or brown bread, unlimited coffee or tea. Garnished with orange twist

scrambled egg (1 egg), 3 traditional perogies, 2 pieces bacon, 1 slice choice of brown or white bread. Garnished with orange twist.

6 Vegan perogies, cashew cream, mixed fresh fruit, white or brown toast, endless tea or coffee. 

It’s the ultimate breakfast sandwich. Pretty much everything you see on this menu (eggs, bacon, sausage, perogies.) ...all in a convenient format that will impress your face. Invented and conceived by Davey - our sunday expert… ask a wizard for details.


INSIDE THIS MONTHS ISSUE: Getting back to school can be tough but we have a fun reward for making it through the week - FAMILY FREE-PLAY SEPTEMBER SUPER SUNDAYS -  every Sunday in Sept we are setting our collection of 25 classic arcade video games to Free-Play 11am-9pm - a totally free & fun family hang - read all about it. SLO' TOM is back from summer vacation & helps some of our readers with weird rashes & career guidance in his advice column, SKA JEFF counts down his top 5 FILMATION cartoons, Curtis kept his streak of 42 consecutive months of “ The Adventures of TARG” comix alive by illustrating this months funny page from the comfort of an adirondack chair in cottage country, The Smurfs make an appearance in the Toys R Josh comic, September is a big month for Switched on Synth fans - read about some of the electronic music artists coming to play TARG all the way from from Paris, Chicago, Toronto & Montreal, Learn about some neat events & stuff we have been up to in our rapid fire JIBBER JABBER column, The eccentric Dave Draves talks to us about his magical recording studio LITTLE BULLHORN in the Local Mix feature, Big Bernie gives us the straight goods on the 1987 classic arcade game Double Dragon, 3 new pinball machines have arrived at TARG and more are rumoured to be on the way for this month - read all about it, Monty invites us to the Grotto and teaches us the basic of the 1978 classic pinball title PLAYBOY, The leaderboard for our monthly free pinball tournaments has been updated - checkout the Hall of Wizards, DJ KJMAXX counts down the top 10 Toughen Up FreePlay Sunday jams of August, Jennilee has a skreedleliscious illustration for you to colour, Expert shutterbug Petr Maur captures the ultra cool duo EXPANDA FUZZ in front of the KISS machine for the September Pin-up (be sure to hang it in your locker) plus everything you need to know about this months events & concerts at TARG. Grab your copy at the arcade or download it here
Grab your copy at the arcade or download it here


San Francisco based Punk/Pinball artist DIRTY DONNY (Stern Metallica, Can Crusher, Aerosmith) has supplied us with a killer illustration for this months cover. This guy is setting the world on fire and still has time for his Ottawa pals - AMAZING!   

INSIDE THE AUGUST EDITION OF TARG ZINE: We are letting the Perogies Stay up late on weekends - checkout the NEW LateNite Wizard Box Menu. The TARG machine get a visit from DANZIG in Curtis’ ADVENTURE OF TARG comic, SLO' TOM is away on vacation but still managed to respond to a longtime reader, SKA JEFF counts down his top 10 celebrity encounters in his Hi-Fives column…. what! Pinch Barback Bendan joins The Wizard of the Month club, heaven & hell are depicted in the Toys R Josh comic with appearances by Hamburlar & Jason Vorhees. Our new THE LOCAL MIX column profiles the music studios that record the bands you go to see perform live -  this month we talk to JP about WOLF LAKE STUDIOS. Check out some old school skateboards in the RAD RIDES FROM THE 80’s article, News about an exciting fundraiser that helps engage Ottawa area youth & get refurbished skateboards into their hands, Sunday Nite Hero DJ KJMAXX counts down his top 10 heavy rotation tune of July, Monty has some tips to blow up the Death Star in his pinball Master Class, Elixer Wizard Jennilee has a sacked out wrestling meditation illustration for you to colour, Petr snapped a wicked captured some serious heavy metal darkness for this months TARG Pin-Up, and of course everything you need to know about all the events taking place in August can be had in YOGI’s Perogram. Grab yer copy at the arcade or download it here

Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 40 & Who’s Entering Their Dirty 30’s. The July TARG ZINE Is Out!

Yep, the cover of the 40th issue of TARG ZINE features Double Dragon Birthday boys Spike & Hammer who turn 30 this month. Amazing!

INSIDE ISSUE #40 - Chef Sammy & his merry band of Perogi Wizards have created a new out-of-this world Perogi masterpiece - check our menu for details, learn all about our NEW & IMPROVED SUMMER WEEK NITE SHOWS - a special program aimed at making live music fans less grumpy at work, Curtis keeps getting weirder weirder - checkout his latest “Adventures of TARG” comic, SLO’ TOM tangles with Chipnut again & fields a question about crime all in his advice column, Pinball Josh of continues his Obscure Summer Series by bringing in one extremely rare & unusual arcade oddity to TARG every month - read all about the latest addition: ROBOT an incredibly freaky 1984 pinball machine by the very strange Italian manufacturer ZACCARIA. We have 5 new games on location this month - all of them are covered in TARG ZINE. Josh created a custom DJ KJMAXX (of Toughen Up! Sunday Free Play fame) action figure to help imagine a didactic encounter with the Karate Kid in his Toys R Josh comic, FINS UP! We have a new island-styled brew in the TARG beer fridge, KJMAXX counts down the top 10 Free-Play Jamz of June, Big Bern gives us an exegesis on the rarely played 1981 Namco game “New Rally-X” in this months Video Game Superguide, Ska Jeff took a break from his Hi Fives article this month, but don’t worry we included a nice photo documenting his mop head replacement training session along with pics of other neat stuff that happened at TARG last month. Thank god for Monty & his Master Class articles or we would all suck at pinball - this month he's dishing out tips for our new BATMAN FOREVER wide body pin. The Hall of Wizards, the official leaderboard for our monthly free pinball tournaments is up to date & things are heating up - Next tournament is Wed Aug 23. There’s also some big news about V.I.P. passes for The Pinball event of the year - The Ottawa Pinball & Gameroom Show - Canada’s longest running Annual Pinball Expo, Jennilee has a cute summer wizard for you to colour, Petr Maur snapped a fun photo of Ottawa’s newest new wave super group The New Calling for this months TARG Pin-Up & of course, everything you need to know about all the amazing July shows at TARG can be found in Yogi’s Perogram. Grab yer copy at the arcade or download it here