A New Year, A New Hope & A New Issue of TARG ZINE

So many amazing shows & events this month at TARG - the January Wizard Picks will help guide you, Felix reviews a recording by Santa Rosa California punk band ACRYLICS, Monty gives us some IRON MAN Multiball tips in his latest MASTER CLASS, Breaking News about a Perogi experiment we are conducting in January, Curtis has a new side splitting ADVENTURES OF TARG Comic, SLO’ TOM “ helps" some zine readers with Hot Dog, Anxiety & Financial problems in his Advice Column, Star Wars, M*A*S*H, Batman & Friday The 13th are all featured in the hilarious TOYS R JOSH comic. Ever wonder how Princess Leia did that wicked hairdo? Well we teach you how - STEP BY STEP, get to know the gals in Montreal’s PALE LIPS better by checking out their exclusive TARG ZINE interview, SKA JEFF has compiled a list of CRUCIAL 613 recordings released in 2016 (and we have link to all the music so you can check it out), BIG BERN gives us the scoop on a tough game from his youth in the VIDEO GAME SUPERGUIDE, Wizard Jennilee illustrated some adorable perogies for you to colour, PETR MAUR caught Ottawa Punk band GOAT on camera for the TARG PIN-UP & of course everything you need to know about this months solid line-up of shows can be found in YOGI’s PEROGRAM. Grab yer copy at the ARCADE or


INSIDE THE DEC ISSUE OF TARG ZINE: Monty delivers another MASTER CLASS with everything you need to know about the Multiball modes in one of the best pins ever made... METALLICA  PINBALL, the results are in from our last Monthly Free Pinball tournament - checkout Ottawa’s top ballers for November, Skrew the Mall - get it done at the Arcade - we have some holiday shopping tips for ya, you will “Die Hard Laughing” while reading Curtis’ Adventures of TARG Comic, SLO’ TOM shares some of his personal Yuletide traditions… yep they are bizarre, James T Kirk, Batman, Superman and a new face from ROGUE ONE make appearances in Josh’s hilarious TOYS R JOSH comic, 2016 wasn’t the greatest year of all time but we had some pretty amazing shows - so the TARG Wizards compiled a Best Of list, SKA JEFF counts down his 5 fave xmas Rap Songs so you can sweeten up your holiday playlist, Professor Bernie gives us the straight goods on SPACE INVADERS in his Video Game Super Guide, Elixer Wizard Jennilee gives us the last colouring page of 2016, the Dec pin-up features an entertainer we guarantee you have never heard of (but that will all change after our Season’s Beatings Xmas Parties this month) and finally everything you need to know about the amazing #TARGHolidayHangs can be found in Yogi’s Perogram.  Grab one at the Arcade or....


This months front cover features a groovy illustration by Marc Audet (Rocket57.com) taken from the 2016 SURF & TURF Gig poster. Surf & Turf is an annual 2 nite Surf, Garage Rock, Instro Festival expertly curated by THE Shanker & Jeff Welch. This year we welcome bands from Vermont, Kingston, Ottawa + Toronto Garage Legends THE LEATHER UPPERS - Nov 11 & 12 at TARG.

November is GO time for the Mustaches For Kids dudes - learn about their recent good deeds & stash farming plans, Felix the millennial graciously lends us a killer record review from his CRINK Zine. Reading Monty’s Master Class will make you a better pinball player - this month strategies for KISS are discussed, Professor Bernie has some tips & tricks for GAUNTLET in his Superguide, Curtis pulls at your heart strings and whacks yer funny bone with his Adventures of TARG Comic, SLO’ TOM has some expert relationship & fast-food advice. Did you know some of Josh’s action figures are on Tinder now? Find out how that goes in the Toys R Josh comix, Mr. Wiggles is featured in “METAL UP YOU CATS” - find out who his daddy is by reading Val Halla’s monthly column, You won’t be DISappointed SKA JEFF Hi-Fives list this month, Ottawa music legend Patrick Shanks gives us a rundown of everyones fave Cancon Garage-Punk Hitmakers in his article “Canada’s Coolest”. Need some new music in your life? Check out the Wizard Music Chart to see what the TARG staff has been listening to recently PLUS everything you need to know about the November events at TARG can be found in Yogi’s Perogram. Drop by the Arcade or Download issue #31 of TARG Zine here

GAME OVER: The October Halloween Edition of TARG Zine is DEAD simple to Download or EXHUME from the Arcade.

Inside Issue #31:
Halloween is a big deal for the Wizards at TARG and we have 6 events planned this month to help you celebrate - read all about it. We have some great news to share about our Beaus’s Oktoberfest fund raising efforts for Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls & For Pivots Sake, CRINKmeister FELIX  has another underground punk/hardcore record review for you, MONTY’s MASTERCLASS is your source for Pinball strategies & tips - World Cup Soccer 94 is covered this month, just in time to get you into shape for our monthly FREE PINBALL TOURNAMENT on Wed Oct 19. Professor Bernie shares his thoughts about the wild dirt track racing game Super Off-Road, Curtis has some Tips & Tricks for the best Tricks & Treats, SLO’ TOM covers your quandaries about camping, used clothing & conspiracies in his advice column, TOYS R JOSH features some monstrous scenarios with his spookiest action figures… it will leave you in stitches. VAL HALLA is back with another “ Metal Up Your Cats”. We get to meet Nella & Timo, two furry little buddies that live a certain Metal drummer from Toronto. Ska Jeff counts down his 5 fave Slasher films in his Hi-FIVES Column, Learn some fun facts about Bryan. he’s one half of the Minnesota dance pop dup KOO KOO KANGA ROO, to get you prepped for the Mega Fun Family Hyper Dance Party taking place at TARG on Mon Oct 17, Wizard Elixir Jennilee has a highly unusual amphibious masked wizard for you to colour, Canadian troubadour B.A. Johnston shares the spotlight with Arcade Helper Monkey in the Oct Pin-Up PLUS everything you need to know about the amazing shows & events taking place at TARG this month can be found the PEROGRAM pages. Drop by the Arcade or Download issue #31 of TARG Zine here. 

TARG AT THE BLACK FOREST: Beau's Oktoberfest 2016

Come visit the TARG Wizards at Beau’s Oktoberfest 2016 FRI SEPT. 23RD & SAT SEPT 24TH - Vankleek hill. We will be serving our world famous HANDMADE PEROGIES at the main food vending area. Drop by the  BLACK FOREST Stage, an area of the festival dedicated to Live Punk Rock, Skateboaring Art & Games… we’ll be there, just look for TARG-1 our vintage VW Beetle!

- Play some Classic Arcade games on our 60 in 1 machine
- Challenge The Wizard to a game of War, Rock-Paper-Wizard, Pick-A-Number to earn your right to sign TARG-1, a badass Vintage VW Beetle …all proceeds to help support FOR PIVOTS SAKE & ROCK CAMP FOR GIRLS OTTAWA.
- See over 20 wicked Punk Rock bands perform live
- MC Remi Royale will be on the mic
- Amazing Skate action on the Anitque/Vans Mini Ramp
- Live Art from Ryan Smeeton
- Merch from Stomp Records
- Polaroid Portraits from For Pivots Sake
- Live Art from House of Paint
- Oversized Jenga
- Beer Duh!

OH YA - grab your copy of the limited special collectors BLACK FOREST TARG ZINE - made possible by Vertigo Records, Black Squirrel Books & Cafe, Little Bull Horn Studios, Dave’s Drum Shop, Spaceman Music, Mayfair Theatre, Possible Worlds, Chord Productions, Meow! That's Hot


DO YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK? Well we do because we are excited to bring you the 30th issue of TARG Zine!

Featured on the cover is the back glass from the Williams 1995 pinball machine DIRTY HARRY which is now on-site at TARG.

INSIDE THE SEPT ISSUE OF TARG ZINE: heads-up, we have a very unique all ages/family friendly concert/hyper dance party happening in Oct with Koo Koo Kanga Roo from Minneapolis, Felix digs deep into the Ottawa underground with a review of a demo by C.H.U.D’s. Monty’s Master Class is a new feature that focuses on advanced pinball tips & strategies - learn all about the Walking Dead Blood Bath Multiball this month, Professor Bernie celebrates the 35th anniversary of GALAGA in his BITS & BYTES Video Game Superguide, Our TARG machine is out of magic but Curtis still has some tales to tell in his Adventures of TARG comic, SLO’ TOM was busy this month answering all of “your” questions about public trasit, BBQ’ing & even shares his “bucket list” with us, Cookie Monster & Indiana Jones hit the jack-pot in the Toys R Josh comic, Josh is the wizard of the month - find out which Josh - we have tons of them at TARG. Are you excited for OTTAWA SKAFEST 2016? You should be ‘cause we have ska/reggae acts coming from Australia, Mexico, Buffalo & Montreal - DJ Lord Snappy gives us the straight goods on this amazing festival, VAL HALLA is back with another METAL UP YOUR CATS, a column that interviews Heavy Metal musicians about their furry roommates, Curious about Collective Arts Brewing "Moustache of the Month?" Well then you gotta read the zine, Ska Jeff counts down his top 5 places in town to get some Vegan grub, get schooled on whats cool & what’s not, while completely wasting your time in the IN/OUT column. Meow! That’s Hot has been busy concocting 9 amazing gourmet hot sauces in the TARG kitchen - learn all about ‘em, Elixir Wizard Jennilee just got into the digital age with a fancy new graphics tablet - check out what she did with it for her therapeutic colouring page, the Pin-up of the month is a simian sensation you all know too well & last but not least, everything you need to know about all the concerts going down at TARG can be found in Yogi’s Perogram. Grab your copy at the arcade or download it here    

Map Out Your Summer Adventure with the August Issue of TARG Zine.

This months cover features a Wizard, a Valkyrie & a Warrior paying tribute to the acquisition of perhaps our most highly anticipated Classic Arcade Game ever: GauntletYep this 1985 Atari Hack n Slash Dungeon Crawler is now available for your gaming pleasure at TARG

Big news about a new cheesecake dessert perogi we have added to the menu… it’s berry delicious. We also have the perfect summer pint featured on our rotating Bonus Tap - details inside the zine & in your future glass. Even though Millennial Felix turned 17 & is pretty much over the hill, he still has cool taste in music. Read his review of the very awesome, trans woman fronted punk band G.L.O.S.S. We spoke with Tracy Howe to learn everything we could about Canada’s 1st Synth-Pop band RATIONAL YOUTH & condensed is all for you in an article called “The Future Is Back”. Our TARG video game is currently at the spa receiving some secret transformations but it’s still getting into usual predicaments in Curtis’ Adventures of TARG comic, Slo’ Tom is no doctor but he sure has a lot of medical advice - checkout the latest instalment of his advice column, Josh’s action figures take to the great outdoors for the August Toys R Josh comic. Our pal Jonny Yuma has a new Rockabilly Nite coming TARG called LA CANTINA - he has graciously provided us with a list of the most essential Rockabilly hits so we get prepped for the inaugural fiesta on Aug 19. Wizard Val Halla gets the straight dope on Nick's (Bat/Municipal Waste) pet in her column METAL UP YOUR CATS, Ottawa Pride takes place in August so Ska Jeff counts down his fave Queercore bands in his HI-FIVES column, We have a new thing called Moustache of the Month - we hope you like it. Got some news about a cool Art show & Movie Screening right here in Old Ottawa South. Read our Hack n Slash Guide to Gauntlet or face certain death in the dungeons. Wizard Jennilee has a weird but cute flip-flopped wizard for you to colour, Shackles & photographer Petr Maur crush this months TARG pin-up & of course everything you need to know about this months truly International line-up bands can be found in Yogis Perogram.
Grab your copy at the arcade or download the PDF here: