DO YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK? Well we do because we are excited to bring you the 30th issue of TARG Zine!

Featured on the cover is the back glass from the Williams 1995 pinball machine DIRTY HARRY which is now on-site at TARG.

INSIDE THE SEPT ISSUE OF TARG ZINE: heads-up, we have a very unique all ages/family friendly concert/hyper dance party happening in Oct with Koo Koo Kanga Roo from Minneapolis, Felix digs deep into the Ottawa underground with a review of a demo by C.H.U.D’s. Monty’s Master Class is a new feature that focuses on advanced pinball tips & strategies - learn all about the Walking Dead Blood Bath Multiball this month, Professor Bernie celebrates the 35th anniversary of GALAGA in his BITS & BYTES Video Game Superguide, Our TARG machine is out of magic but Curtis still has some tales to tell in his Adventures of TARG comic, SLO’ TOM was busy this month answering all of “your” questions about public trasit, BBQ’ing & even shares his “bucket list” with us, Cookie Monster & Indiana Jones hit the jack-pot in the Toys R Josh comic, Josh is the wizard of the month - find out which Josh - we have tons of them at TARG. Are you excited for OTTAWA SKAFEST 2016? You should be ‘cause we have ska/reggae acts coming from Australia, Mexico, Buffalo & Montreal - DJ Lord Snappy gives us the straight goods on this amazing festival, VAL HALLA is back with another METAL UP YOUR CATS, a column that interviews Heavy Metal musicians about their furry roommates, Curious about Collective Arts Brewing "Moustache of the Month?" Well then you gotta read the zine, Ska Jeff counts down his top 5 places in town to get some Vegan grub, get schooled on whats cool & what’s not, while completely wasting your time in the IN/OUT column. Meow! That’s Hot has been busy concocting 9 amazing gourmet hot sauces in the TARG kitchen - learn all about ‘em, Elixir Wizard Jennilee just got into the digital age with a fancy new graphics tablet - check out what she did with it for her therapeutic colouring page, the Pin-up of the month is a simian sensation you all know too well & last but not least, everything you need to know about all the concerts going down at TARG can be found in Yogi’s Perogram. Grab your copy at the arcade or download it here