Glowing Bug Riders & Neon Panthers - Issue #64 of TARG Zine Has it All

This months special edition full colour front cover features some wild artwork by TARG’s resident mural artist Pat Buck - it's just a glimpse into the neon dimension that will crack open on Thurs Aug 1 at our very first art show: GLOJOB A new collection of blacklight artwork by Jesse Germs and Pat Buck.

INSIDE THE JULY EDITION OF TARG ZINE: Tap Invasion alert - Draught fans rejoice - we have just added 3 new handles - read all aboot our newest beers, Prof Bernie goes undercover to review the 1983 TAITO spy game Elevator Action, Lots of great entertainment coming your way this month - From Surf to Indie Punk to Jazz to Brit Pop… see what tickles your fancy in our Wicked Shows Alert, Fleix, our man on the street, interviews Anthony Cardozo the brains and winning smile behind the SIDE BY SIDE WEEKEND: Ottawa’s newest Independent Music Festival taking place at TARG next door at BLACK SQUIRREL BOOKS July 25 - 28. Summer Fun at TARG all July… 1/2 price perogies every Wednesday & Family Free-Play Super Summer Sundays 11am - 8pm all month long … details inside TARG Zine. The TARG machine is in deep space and deep $h!t in Curtis’s TARG IN SPACE comic, Larry from Meow! Thats Hot helps prep you for an above average summer by reviewing some summer good times wax by AVERAGE TIMES, Hamburglar contemplates getting with the times in the Toys R Josh comic, Photographer and Rebel 101.7 Marketing director LAURA COLLINS is featured in Wizard Sheila’s Sisters In The City interview column. Josh from ACROSS THE STREET announces a cool series of Retro 1980s films directed by women that will be screening at The Mayfair theatre this month, Summer is all about entertaining & Slo’ Tom has some great tips that could elevate you to the status of the Host with the Most - check out his advice column, Our pal Petr Maur captures two bad a$$ dude for TARG pin-up of the month…. And everything you need to know about all of the great shows and events happening a TARG month can be found in YOGI’s Perogram. Grab your copy for free at the arcade or download it here….