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The mega talented Wizard Jennilee illustrated an adorable colour cover for this special issue - but don’t worry - we put a version of it on the back page for you to colour - we know colouring relaxes you.

INSIDE THE MARCH ISSUE: Round up the kids - we are extending our Family Friendly hours on March 15 11am-8pm for our annual MARCH BREAK PINBALL PARTY FOR KIDS - read all about it. Curtis has another weird Adventures of TARG comic for yaz - he has come through with side splitting, head scratching funnies for every issue since #1 - thanks for being the most prolific TARG Zine contributor Curtis! MONTY leads the human resistance against SkyNet with his Pinball Master Class lesson for Terminator 2. THE HALL OF WIZARDS leaderboard has been updated with the top 10 ballers of 2017… so far. You can join this esteemed group by participating in our Monthly Free Pinball Tournaments - news about the next one in TARG Zine. ARCADE UPDATE gives you a glimpse into the future - we will have some new games on location this month plus a rad new upgrade to our SUPER CHEXX Bubble Hockey game - too cool to mention here. Read “A Music Nerd’s Guide to Ottawa Juno Award Heroes” & impress/bore you friends with your newfound knowledge. The Bionic Woman, Alien & George the Animal Steele (R.I.P.) all make an appearance in the TOYS R JOSH comic strip. There are a few new faces in the Perogi Kitchen - meet DAVEY the March Wizard of The Month, SLO’ TOM answers a dating question, a guitar amplifier question and recounts a truly bizarre animal attack story in this months advice column. SKA JEFF’s Hi FIVES will get you primed for the 2 90’s PUNK COVER NITES happening this month. We have a wonderful update about our 1st CLOTHING SWAP last month… the community participation was phenomenal. Thanks for giving Ottawa. One of TARG’s favourite "musicians, B.A. Johnston just released his 11th studio album, Gremlins 3 - we asked him some questions about his highly unusual music video for “DRIVE THRU BEEF” a song about the perils of Fast Food Dinning. Professor BERNIE gives you the straight goods on Super PAC-MAN in his Video Game Super-guide. Petr Maur captures the goofy side of heavy sludge masters SWARM OF SPHERES in this months TARG Pin-Up and finally everything you need to know about all the fun shows coming your way in March can be found in YOGI’S PEROGRAM. Grab yer copy at the arcade or...