EMBRACE WINTER: The February issue of TARG ZINE is Now Available

Ok things kick off with one of the coolest spreads ever. KJ MAXX, our Sunday FREEPLAY DJ has created a “Build-It-Yourself Model TARG Cabinet. All you have to do is clip it out, fold it & glue it… presto an authentic 4 inch micro arcade game for desk at work. Amazing! We’ve got info about a great BUST A MOVE fund raiser for breast health coming up at the end of the month - GO Team Ladies Of Old Ottawa South, Young FELIX (Crink Zine visionary) reviews a very noisy album from 1983, SKA JEFF has some fun Nicklelodeon cartoon suggestions to help you get through winter in his Hi-Fives list, There’s a new Amber Ale in the TARG Fridge - lets all give this new CAN a warm welcome, SLO’ TOM keeps churning out advice for problems many of us didn’t know existed. Warning “Chip-Nut” is back. Curious what Wayne Gretzky would say to The Bionic Man? Do you wonder what He-Man & the Gang talk about all day? Ever ponder what’s on a Stormtroopers mind? All these pressing questioned are answered in the TOYS R JOSH action figure comic strip. Beaus’s All Natural is committed to making you the smartest person at the bar with their BEAU-Lieve It or Not Column - prepare to be amazed with your newfound knowledge of Video Games, Beer & Ottawa Culture. TARG arcade operators Geoff & Pinball Josh are really taking it up a notch with 4 new wicked games on location this month - info inside. We are proud to present TARG Zine’s newest contributor Bernie - get the straight skinny on vid game tips from his column BIG BERN’S BITS & BYTES VID GAME SUPERGUIDE. How well do you know the characters living inside the games at TARG? Test your knowledge by reading their Valentines Day ARCADE PERSONALS Ads. The Adventures of TARG comic is TARG Zines longest running feature & the Feb offering is hilarious. Colouring is a great way for adults to relax and that’s why we keep including Elixir Wizard Jennilee’s amazing artwork - do yourself a kindness and break out the crayons. This months Pin-Up features Garage Punkers AVERAGE TIMES posing with one of TARGS most scream inducing games and last but not least, everything you need to know about what’s going down for shows at TARG can be found in YOGI's FEB PEROGRAM. Drop by the arcade to get your copy or….