The cover of issue 22 features a wonderful tribute to Motorhead’s Lemmy beautifully illustrated by PAT BUCK, a talented painter, tattoo artist (OTHERSIDE TATTOOS) and the dude behind all of the TARG murals inside & out.

News regarding a benefit concert where Ottawa’s finest Rockers, Heads & Punks will pay homage to Lemmy by performing choice songs from his extensive musical catalog, Master FELIX reviews a Crust Punk classic from 1984, SKA JEFF counts down his fave Ottawa music releases of 2015 in the HI-FIVES column, SLO’ TOM has New Year resolution related advice & looks back at some helpful guidance he bestowed upon the saddest sacks of the past year, PINBALL FOR DUMMIES will get you primed with a useful pinball glossary of terms, visit Sesame Street, The Death Star & the Turtles Hideout in the TOYS R JOSH comic strip, Useful trivia about boozy hygiene, Lemmy’s visit to Ottawa & the anniversary of a foul mouthed vid hero can be found in the BEAU-lieve It Or Not Column, DJ LONGSHOT shares his essential Ska/Reggae 45’s, Everything you need to know about IBU’s and our selection of Craft Beer in cans in the HOP TO IT article, Curtis delivers yet another side splitting ADVENTURES OF TARG comic, WIZARD JENNILEE has a fantastic robot for you to colour, This month’s TARG pin-up is deranged from the NECK up & colour coordinated from the NECK down & last but not least Yogi’s PEROGRAM gives you the straight goods on the amazing concerts taking place at TARG this month.
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