June is here and that means  OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND is just around the corner. For the uninitiated, OXW is an annual indie/DIY music festival that has it’s roots in the parking lot of the old TARG. 8 years later it’s a 5 day affair featuring 100 bands at 6 of Ottawa’s finest venues. We interviewed the OXW organizers to bring you up to speed.  

the June Wizard of the month is a new staffer that has all the right buttons, Young Felix reviews the new NAPALM DEATH Album, our pals at Beau’s All Natural introduce a new mildly useless facts column called BEAU-LIEVE IT OR NOT, our advice expert Slo’ Tom handles some of your pressing questions about Fake Instruments, Ripple Potato Chips & the Darkside of the Moon, Monty from Ottawa Punk Pinball tells about the Allentown Pennsylvania PINFEST, we countdown the 5 highest grossing arcade games of all time, Yogi provides you with everything you need to know about the June concerts at TARG in this months Perogram, Ska Jeff reveals the local bands he is most excited to see at Ottawa Explosion Weekend in his Hi Fives column, Curtis gives us another hilarious Adventures of TARG comic, Perogi Wizard Will lets us into the furtive world of Charged Hair in this months STEP BY STEP, we take a look at some of the most unusual band merchandise out there in NOD TO THE ODD, Local punk legend Chris Page shares a pinball related tour story and lets us look at his 30year old KISS ARMY membership card and Wizard Jennilee will have you reaching for every single crayon to complete her Pride themed colouring page.  

Pick one up at TARG this weekend or download the PDF version here: