The May Issue of TARG ZINE is Out.

We are proud to bring you the May issue of TARG zine but there is a small problem… the cover is so wicked you might not even read past page one. Ottawa based animator/painter Ian Jeans (Beavis & Butthead, Racoons, Mission Hill, Ed, Edd and Eddy) kindly allowed us to use his fascinating painting “Arcade”. So Amazing! 

IN THIS ISSUE: Young Felix gives a glowing review of a new EP by Canada’s best metal band, Slo’ Tom has some excellent snow tire advice (just in time for the season), Ian Jeans takes over the “Step By Step” column and shares some drawing wizardy secrets, results from the 3rd IFPA sanctioned Punk Pinball Tournament, a fantastic interview with Toronto’s PUP, Ska Jeff counts down his fave games gone ’toon TV series (plus we retired ubiquitous Ska Jeff corpse paint photo - get a load of the new snapshot), Jennilee's May colour page will blow up you mind with lasers, we have some unusual consumer products that have to be seen to believed in our new “Nod to the Odd” column, get a blast from the past with local artist Petr Maur’s photos of TARG’s very first day of operation way back in April 2014, Josh MacKay shares some news from the pinball world in his Ottawa Pinblog article plus Yogi’s Perogram has all the information you need about this months stellar line-up of shows. Come play with us, let us feed you and grab yer May issue of TARG zine at the arcade.