In With The New, Shout Outs To The Old. Issue #10 of TARG Zine Is In The House.

The January Zine is very much about old & new, beginnings and endings and how they all coexists in a mysterious cocktail called life. We hope you laugh and learn, flipping through the pages while you wait for your perogies or take a break from your favourite game.

Did you know House Of TARG started off as a warehouse rehearsal studio 13 years ago? Get the full scoop on how we got from there to here in Yogi’s column “Words From The Wizard”. Young Felix breaks from his Classic Album reviews to offer you something a little different. Spectrasonic’s Shawn Scallen shares some of his amazing punk concert photos from the 80’s & 90’s. Andrew’s Pinball Solutions features a guide to mind blowing scores on our 1991 Williams Hurricane pinball machine. Klingon Korner will teach you some conversational phrases from the Star Trek universe. Big news for bacon lovers. The January Pin Up features 4 fiesty grrls who will be celebrating one final hurrahRawRawRiot at TARG this month and of course Elixir Wizard Jennilee gives us an adorable colouring page that could get you a free plate of perogies. Get yer copy at House of TARG or download it here: