A Sense of Action, A Sense of Drama, A Sense of Humour: Issue #56 of TARG ZINE is here.

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INSIDE ISSUE #56: info about our next 80’s DANCE PARTY with Remi Royale, Tips on how to be the HERO of your office this season, did you know we have a secret menu? Details inside, We have a brilliant new vid game tucked in the back (too which the cover pays tribute) learn all aboot it and a wicked new pinball machine that is rumoured to make an appearance this month, Big brains & big slags in this months Toys R Josh comic strip, Curtis took a well deserved break this month so we re-printed one of his greatest hitz from The Adventures of TARG comic strip series, Big Bern gives us the lowdown on one of our newest games ROADBLASTERS. Our good friend SHAWN JAM HILL  is in the process of recovering from a serious accident and he is on our minds so we decided to profile all of the heavy bands he has been in between 1991 - 2013!!!! Larry from MEOW! That’s Hot Kitchen + Bar reviews some wicked wax from a local fave that will be performing at TARG this month. Tall Blue & Handsome - we have a new beer special on Thursdays - details inside the zine, Wizard Sheila interviews Melinda Massolas, a sound tech next door at Black Squirrel Books in her column SISTERS IN THE CITY, Wizard Mark has been sampling a lot of new brews, like a lot a lot - and all of his hard work has paid off as we welcome a new can from Kingston to the TARG beer fridge. If you have never had the side splitting pleasure of seeing a BUSTER KEATON film Nov Across The Street at the Mayfair is for you. 3 newly restored comedy masterpieces will be screened in all of their silent film glory, SLO’ TOM once again bestows keen knowledge & insight to improve the lives of our citizens one person at a time, thanks Tom. Jennilee has a colouring page for NEO GEO nuts or fans of slimy molluscs, The TARG Pin-UP captures an oldie but a goodie of BONNIE DOON in their natural habitat and of course everything you need to know about all the fun stuff going down at TARG this month can be found in YOGI’s Perogram. Get your free copy at the the arcade or DOWNLOAD IT HERE