MARCH TARG ZINE: Celebrating 100 Nites of Toughen UP! Free-Play Sunday

DJ KJMaxx pays tribute to 100 evenings of free play pins/vids and spinning all vinyl jamz with an amazing ZINE cover.

INSIDE EDITION #24 - Felix the millennial reviews a wicked album by Toronto punk band ABSOLUT. After you have read that pick up Felix’s zine CRINK to read even more record reviews and other neat stuff. SKA JEFF is busy this month putting on a couple of amazing Punk Cover nites in support of some worthy charities - keeping in that theme he is counting down his fave Punk cover compilation albums for his Hi-FIVES column. SLO’ TOM’s endless supply of advice keeps on flowing with useful info about dental work, stains & large ears. Tom will be celebrating his Birthday Bonanza this year at TARG on March 19 - we can’t imagine how much wiser he will get with another year under his belt. The Beau’s All Natural column has some factoids about pinball and a hollywood super star who grew up in Ottawa - read it then impress your peers with worldly knowledge, JOSH’s toys are in some seasonal predicaments that will make you chuckle, DJ KJMaxx gives us his definitive guide to the greatest video game themed rock jamz in preparation for the 100th edition of TOUGHEN UP! FREE-PLAY Sunday on March 20. Boing, Bumm, Tschak - read up on how the TR-808 drum machine changed the world. Have you been plagued by illness all winter? Well so has our TARG video cabinet - he has the electric runs so an old favourite is standing in to entertain you in Curtis’ Adventures of TARG comic strip, Big Bern is back with another insightful BITS & BYTES VIDEO GAME SUPERGUIDE, Elixir Wizard Jennilee has prepared an adorable weirdo perogi eating bunny rabbit for you to colour in-between bands, the March TARG PIN-UP features a futuristic time traveling musician from the past who plays both ends of the middle and last but not least YOGI’S PEROGRAM has all the info you need to navigate this months amazing line-up of shows. Grab yer copy of TARG ZINE at the arcade or download it here:  MARCH TARG ZINE PDF