GORK & BLIP GO TO TARG - A Film By Phil Osborne

We proudly serve Ottawa and try to provide a fun place for everyone to see live music, play games and have some laughs with family and friends but much to our surprise, it appears as though our reach extends far beyond what we thought was possible. Sure, wizards from Montreal, Toronto & Vermont visit us for our pinball tournaments, international students studying in our city stop by to blow off some steam & we have hosted bands from Japan, The UK, France & all over North America but we recently welcomed 2 very friendly interstellar voyagers. 

Gork & Blip risked life and puppet limb in search of non-synthetic snacks & good times. We are so grateful that they stopped by & recognized what we do at House of TARG as a sign of life!

PS - Gork & Blip were also intrigued by the 5th Annual Ottawa Pinball & Gameroom Show taking place Sat Sept 19/ Sun Sept 20.

Phil is a wonderfully creative animator, illustrator, toy maker & musician. He has performed at House of TARG in many different capacities, especially during Halloween. Check out his amazing art - everything he touches turns to gold... and foam insulation! Thanks Phil.
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