IN THRUST WE TRUST: The August Edition of TARG Zine Is Here

Dreams come true at House of TARG. Just ask Ottawa resident and newly crowned National Air Guitar Champion Jay “Thrust” McNeely. His quest for global Air Guitar domination started at TARG and will now take him to Finland for the World Championship later this month. Get the full scoop by reading our exclusive cover story interview.

Felix the millennial reviews the latest vinyl release from local stoner rock wizards MONOBROW, our pals from Beau’s All Natural share  some little know facts about the origins of pinball and famous Ottawa drop-outs in the BEAU-leive It Or Not column, Slo’ Tom has news you can use regarding sandpaper, sandals & pants, pinball Josh gives us a primer on Dungeons & Dragons - the latest pinball machine to come on location, Award winning poet Dave O’Meara lends a bit bookish cred to TARG Zine with his arcade Haikus, a fan favourite Elixir Wizard finally gets the recognition she deserves as the August Wizard of the Month, newly wed Curtis D. found some time to give us another installment of his Adventures of TARG comic strip, Monty from Ottawa Punk Pinball gives us the low-down on the fast approaching O-Town Throwdown Pinball Tournament, Josh’s Toys are still talking him - find out what Big Bird, Darth Vader & Capt. Kirk have to say, we run down the best & worst of the fascinating world of CHAIRS, Ska Jeff has been on tour with bands in the U.S.A. all last month and shares stories about the arcades he didn’t have time to visit, The Instagram Movie Review, AKA 9 year old Max Demarbre (son of Mayfair Theatre co-owner Lee Demarbre) gives his 2 cents about the video game themed film “PIXELS”, Wizard Jennilee has drawn us another fantastic colouring page, fans of poutine will dig the extra spicy TARG Pin-Up this month and of course Yogi’s Perogram has all the info you need to navigate the stellar line-up of concerts we have planned for August.

Grab yer copy at the arcade or download the PDF version here: