Back To Old Skool: The September issue of TARG zine is out!

It’s always depressing when summer draws to a close but we have some whimsical content in our 6th edition of TARG zine to soften the blow.

Start by trying to connect the high school yearbook photos on the cover with the present day faces of TARG wizards... yes we are willing to embarrass ourselves for your amusement.

Also in this edition: Young Felix reviews “Rust in Piece” in his internationally acclaimed column “Classic Albums Reviewed By A Millennial”, a hilarious first day of school comic in our pal Curtis’ “The Adventures Of TARG” series, an Arcade SAT test (complete with those annoying little circles you have to fill in perfectly), back to school fashion tips, an adorable colouring page by Elixir Wizard Jennilee, new advances from the wizards in the TARG kitchen + info about the eclectic line-up of concerts we have planned for September that will satisfy all music tastes. See you at TARG.

Drop by the arcade to grab a copy or download the PDF version here.