A Sense of Action, A Sense of Drama, A Sense of Humour: Issue #56 of TARG ZINE is here.

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INSIDE ISSUE #56: info about our next 80’s DANCE PART with Remi Royale, Tips on how to be the HERO of your office this season, did you know we have a secret menu? Details inside, We have a brilliant new vid game tucked in the back (too which the cover pays tribute) learn all aboot it and a wicked new pinball machine that is rumoured to make an appearance this month, Big brains & big slags in this months Toys R Josh comic strip, Curtis took a well deserved break this month so we re-printed one of his greatest hitz from The Adventures of TARG comic strip series, Big Bern gives us the lowdown on one of our newest games ROADBLASTERS. Our good friend SHAWN JAM HILL  is in the process of recovering from a serious accident and he is on our minds so we decided to profile all of the heavy bands he has been in between 1991 - 2013!!!! Larry from MEOW! That’s Hot Kitchen + Bar reviews some wicked wax from a local fave that will be performing at TARG this month. Tall Blue & Handsome - we have a new beer special on Thursdays - details inside the zine, Wizard Sheila interviews Melinda Massolas, a sound tech next door at Black Squirrel Books in her column SISTERS IN THE CITY, Wizard Mark has been sampling a lot of new brews, like a lot a lot - and all of his hard work has paid off as we welcome a new can from Kingston to the TARG beer fridge. If you have never had the side splitting pleasure of seeing a BUSTER KEATON film Nov Across The Street at the Mayfair is for you. 3 newly restored comedy masterpieces will be screened in all of their silent film glory, SLO’ TOM once again bestows keen knowledge & insight to improve the lives of our citizens one person at a time, thanks Tom. Jennilee has a colouring page for NEO GEO nuts or fans of slimy molluscs, The TARG Pin-UP captures an oldie but a goodie of BONNIE DOON in their natural habitat and of course everything you need to know about all the fun stuff going down at TARG this month can be found in YOGI’s Perogram. Get your free copy at the the arcade or DOWNLOAD IT HERE 

BOO! Issue #55 of TARG Zine is Ready For Your Eyeballs

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This months cover by comic artist Curtis Delaney features a hilarious illustration of the TARG machine dressed up as Jason for Halloween - ya laugh it up now cause his Adventures of TARG comic this month is kinda disturbing! 

INSIDE THE OCTOBER ISSUE OF TARG ZINE: Were you wondering what was going down at TARG this Halloween… well you’ll get yer answer right there on the 2nd page. On Wed Oct 17 we are hosting a FUNdraiser to help our pal Josh recoup some major loses associated with the cancellation of his annual Pinball & Gameroom Show. He had 150+ pins & games set and then the city lost power - details about the OPGS Strikes Back event inside TARG Zine. New brews in the fridge, New menu items, gaming anniversaries, new games coming - its all in the little gossip column we call TARG JIBBER JABBER. Curtis get weird (duh!) with another Adventures of TARG comic, Big Bernie shares some serious info about ARKANOID 2 in his video game super guide. Only children of the 70’s know the true Horror of Halloween… those crappy Ben Cooper plastic costumes they used to make us wear - read all about it YIKES! Larry from MEOW! THAT’S HOT supplies us with another Canadian record review - his credentials? - they exclusively play Canuck wax at their amazing 519 Bank st restaurant open till close! This month, Josh’s comic depicts his toys squabbling again… but this time they are Ninjas! Sheila interviews KIM MOSS of KAMP OPERATIONS in her SISTERS IN THE CITY column, The enigmatic ARDETH counts down her 5 fav Halloween candies, Josh from Across The Street tips us off to the best halloween movies of the month at The Mayfair, SLO’ TOM handles a host of reader submitted questions - ya people actual write in to Tom for advice, Jennilee has a spooky colouring page for us but I hope we don’t run out of orange (No it isn’t an illustration of TRUMP). Master photographer Petr Maur captures the beauty of one of Ottawa’s most handsome bands QUIET CRIMES in this months pin up - and of course everything you need to know about this months shows & events can be found in YOGI’s PEROGRAM. Grab your free copy at the arcade or download it here  


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According to the Terminator movies - AUGUST 1997 was a pretty hectic month for computers & robots… "The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.” Well it’s 2018 and we can assure you that issue #53 of TARG Zine posses not serious global threat other than stealing valuable time from those who choose to flip through its silly pages.

INSIDE THE AUGUST ISSUE OF TARG ZINE - Family FreePlay Super Summer Sundays continues in August details inside, There is a new brew in the TARG beer Fridge And a delicious new perogi on the menu - get in the know! Curtis is back with his 52nd Adventures of TARG comic … Incredible! This month in Big Bern’s Video Game Super Guide, TETRIS is discussed, SKYNET sure gave computers & robots a bad rap, but we can assure you there are some good electronic eggs out there - we introduce you to 4 of the best in our “We are the robots” article, Celebrate 40 years of DEVO on Sat Aug 26 with a Toronto punk/indie supergroup performing the first album in its entirety, Sunday FreePlay DJ & new dad KJMAXX has started a new clothing line for the freshest humans on earth - read all about it, Wizard Sheila found another inspirational local artist to interview for her SISTERS IN THE CITY column. There are a few new wizards you haven’t been formally introduced to yet - how rude - so meet MEKKI the Aug Wizard of the Month, there are 26 shows and events this month - so checkout the WICKED SHOWS ALERT page for some of our crucial picks, Josh Stafford from across the street gives us the heads up for the WINONA RYDER film fest happen all month at the Mayfair, Ottawa’s most gorgeous theatre, We were pretty sure SLO’ TOM was on vacation this month but nonetheless there appears to be some Quick Advice in the pages of TARG Zine, FELIX offers up a primer for the incredible Aug 18 punk/hardcore show by reviewing the latest release by BIB, Unfortunately TARG colouring page master, Jennilee just had too much on her plate this month to provide us with another wacky illustration so this month you will have to settle with colouring Metallica instead, Thankfully Andrew Carver is always in the front with his camera to archive the live music in Ottawa - he sure captured the intensity of a CROSS DOG performance in this month’s TARG PIN-UP and of course everything you need to know about all the shows and events happening at TARG this month can be found in YOGI’s Perogram. Grab you free copy at the arcade or download it here


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Pascal Languirand adorns this month cover of TARG zine. His synth group TRANS-X is know for their massive worldwide hit "Living On Video" which charted worldwide & peaked at #61 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1983. We are stoked to have TRANS-X at our Synthesizer Festival this July - Details inside this issue of TARG Zine.

INSIDE THE JULY ISSUE: Did you know about our Family Free-Play Super Summer Sundays? Every Sunday from 11am - 8pm all of our Classic Arcade Cabinets will be on Free-Play - that Unlimited video game action until labour day!!!!! Heads up - there is a new item on our perogi menu - check it out! Get Psych Savvy with Ottawa’s expert - John Westhaver of BIRDMAN SOUND shares his list of essential psych wax to get you primed for the Ottawa Psych Fest. UNDERWATER DANGER - the Toys R Josh comic gets deep this month & has an accompanying video that you can watch online, Curtis has yet another side splitting edition of the Adventures of TARG comic, Open up the pages of TARG Zine to take Monty’s Master Class - this month he divulges everything you need to know to get some unbelievable score on the RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Pinball Machine, Big Bernie gives you the straight good on our newest gun game POLICE TRAINER (1997) in his Arcade Super Guide. S.O.S.Fest returns to TARG this July with some incredible SynthPop, DarkWave, bands - we are proud that half the performers are women - checkout what makes these Diode Divas tick on an interview column call THE WOMEN OF S.O.S.FEST. Wizard Sheila has another cool interview in her “SISTERS IN THE CITY” Column - this month she talks tp Franco-Ontarian mixed Media/Graffiti/Mural artist Mique Michelle. Hey Let celebrate 45 years of KISS with the ultimate KISS tribute band KISSED…. even the dude from the hit kissed themed comedy Detroit Rock City will be at TARG, Always something cool going on across the street at THE MAYFAIR - this month they have a Quentin Tarantino Film Fest Going Down, SLO’ TOM handles some serious career advice from WaterWorld star Kevin Costner, Gap year Felix reviews the new BOOJI BOYS tape, Jennilee has a fun illustration for you to colour, Photographer Andrew Carver captured experimental electronic circuit bending duo RASS for this months TARG pin-up and last but not least everything you need to know about all the full events happening at TARG this month can be found in YOGI’s Perogram - Grab your free copy at the arcade of DOWNLOAD IT HERE.


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June 2018 rules - Space Invaders turns 40 & Beloved Targ regular BERNIE celebrates his 49th.    

INSIDE ISSUE #51 - we have a fun Summer Discount "Choose Your Own Adventure" coupon game on page 2 - pick your character: Foodie, Gamer or Music Fan. Each choice allows you to save $ on your next visit to TARG, Our mega fun Father’s Day Free-Play Brunch is back - deets inside - don’t disappoint Dad!, Ska Jeff celebrates all the great metal happening at TARG this month with a rundown of his top 5 Bay Area Thrash Albums, The bizarre Adventures of TARG continue & many are wondering if the surgical technicians were able to rebuild a smashed up TARG - read Curtis’ comix to find out how it all pans out. Our new Stern IRON MAIDEN Legacy of the Beast pinball machine is one tough customer but thankfully Monty’s Master Class will help you get acquainted and comfortable with the newest pin at TARG. The 1982 arcade classic MR. DO! can look pretty intimidating but don’t worry Professor Bernie lays down everything you need to know to get started with this fast paced game in his Video Game SuperGuide - look for Mr DO! on one of our 4 multi-cade cabinets. It’s Ottawa Explosion Weekend time again - Ottawa’s little punk/indie fest that has grown into a diverse multi venue extravaganza - Wizard Sheila interviewed Azarin So one of the festival co-founders for her awesome “Sister In The City” column which focuses on inspirational women in the Ottawa Arts, Business & Entertainment scene. Synth, Funk, Metal & Legendary Punk - so many amazing shows this June… our Wicked Shows Alerts page attempts to dog-ear some rad concerts you might want to investigate further - tons of tunes & vids for you to “Try before You Buy” over at www.houseoftarg.com, There is always some creative & inspiring film curating going on Across The Street at The Mayfair Theatre & Josh Stafford keeps us in the know with his column - be sure to check out the &$#?@ING SCORSESE/DE NIRO FILM FEST this month - #overflowingswearjar. The Toys R Josh comic is back this month and the stormtroopers learn some harsh lessons about living in Centretown. Hey It’s Bernard’s Birthday month so we thought it would be cool to reprint his AMAZING TOP 10 CHIPS article - so good, Quick Advice from Slo’ Tom = laughter + knowledge - power. Check out Gap Year Felix’s June record review - he has a knack for finding obscure underground gems… get in the know, Jennilee supplies yet another wild wizard illustration for you to colour - handy when you run out of conversation at TARG. Photographer Andrew Carver captures every member of Canada’s Best Metal band in 1 frame for the June Pin-Up - don’t miss Metalian’s 2 set performance Sat June 23, and everything you need to know this month’s fantastik shows & events can be found in Yogi’s Perogram. Grab your free copy at the arcade or download it here