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Presented by: House of TARG, PBR
Cover: $10
Start Time: 8pm / Show at 8:30
$1 off Handmade Perogies

Our good pals MOKOMOKAI are blowin' thru town and have agreed to pay us a quick visit at TARG as part of their PARTY IN THE NORTH TOUR - this band goes WAYYYY back with us, the last band to play the old MEATLOCKER space and one of the first to hit up the new TARG in 2014!! Don't miss this sweet night of killer riffs, pounding rhythyms, powerful vocals - sweet metal madness!!!

MOKOMAKAI (Peterborough/True Metal)
Heavy Metal circa 1979, with flashy riffs, operatic vocals, solos and righteousness. A TARG FAVE!!!

Villain is a 3-piece Heavy Metal band hailing from the unforgiving streets of Toronto. Taking form in early 2017 the trio boasts a unique union of east meets west, featuring Caleb Beal of 'Midnight Malice fame' - originally making the journey to Toronto from Calgary Alberta, joining forces with Jake Gracie (Vicious) and Gaz James (Red Kitty) whom made their way to the "Big Smoke" from the eastcoast, with dreams of endless riches and glory. Weilding an original mix of speed, harmony, and mid pace panty pleasers, Villain brings the party wheverever they go, and leave destruction and filth in their wake. Don't be a hero..

IN HEAT (Ottawa Sleaze Rock) 
Ottawa's undisputed kings of sleaze rock. Don't like it? Go to Hell. Hi-octane Rock'n'Roll! For fans of AC DC & The Cult.