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WEAVES + Lonely Parade + Thrifty Kids

Presented by: Spectrasonic, House of TARG, Ashton Brewing
Doors: 9pm / Show at 10pm
Cover: $12.50 advance + service charges / 19+

WEAVES (Toronto experimental indie, Buzz Records)
WEAVES deliver a clever & bracing brand of indie rock full of wit, energy & arty left turns. In 2016, Weaves’ self-titled album was among the most anticipated of the year, lauded internationally upon its release for the band’s sideways approach to guitar pop, described as “one of the most unpredictable sounds of 2016” (MTV). Their 2017 effort "WIDE OPEN" continues their compulsive exploration of the unknown with the glammy Saturday night strut of “Slicked,” to the stripped-down, pedal steel abetted torch song “Wide Open,” to the searing “Scream,” a warped duet with Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq that likely constitutes Weaves’ wildest recording to date. The album displays an expansive and anthemic quality in songs like the opener “#53” and the sweeping “Walkaway,” without discarding the punky pyrotechnics that defined their first LP. Their last 2 performances at TARG were mind blowing - This one's a no brainer!  

LONELY PARADE (Peterborough Art Punk)
Lonely Parade is a three piece post-punk band of childhood friends based in Montréal, QC. Augusta, Anwyn and Charlotte played their first show in 2012, and started touring before all the members of the band were of age. While still quite young in years, the songs they write prove a compatibility beyond years. Their most recent album “No Shade” was released through their own tape label Sleepwalk Tapes in September 2016. Drawing from feelings of discomfort, yearning, and a newfound sense of self awareness, each song is a rollercoaster of sounds and emotions.

THRIFTY KIDS (Toronto surf indie)
Soft-Pop, Surf, Rock, Beach