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Switched On Synths: STEVE SUMMERS (Chicago) + Violence + Low Factor + André et Michèle

Presented by: House of TARG, Ottawa Synths, Beau's All Natural
Doors: 9pm / Show at 10pm / 19+
Cover: $10

ROBOT DANCE PARTY - This exciting & international line-up features body moving grooves that range from House/Techno to Minimal Synth Pop to Coldwave. 

STEVE SUMMERS (Chicago House/Techno)The prolific Jason Letkiewicz returns to his Steve Summers alias for a suite of post-apocalyptic jack tracks. Across labels like L.I.E.S., Future Times, Echovolt, Nation and Clone, Letkiewicz spent the last decade exploring dimensional rifts between techno, house, noise, ambient and more. After occupying nearly as many cities as monikers he’s landed in Chicago and on local outpost CLEAR. 

Artificial Light launches the record with a barrage of razorsharp percussion, whirring electronics and spectral voices. A fitting score for a chase down the backstreets of some future megalopolis. The kicks on Red Melts Blue then slam through layers of carbonated synths and head first into ominous wind. After opening with a wall of howling noise The Lighter Sleeps plunges into a maelstrom, simultaneously urgent and uneasy. Sensing Space closes out the release like the soundtrack to an escape, a flight from anxiety to the unknown.

VIOLENCE (Ott/Mtl Synth Pop)
Violence is an international touring duo who harness haunting vocals and sweet synthetic sounds to oscillate between the boundless reaches of sublime experimentalism and the commensurable beauty of pop... chaos & geometry for the ears. This rare Ottawa performance promises to both inspire & entertain.  

An alternate universe Pop Star! Rubin offers up minimal yet danceable beats, synthy sounds with noisey unsettling elements and delivers her vocals with a relaxed snarl. Word on the street is that her last performance with Rational Youth in montreal blew everyone away. Definitely some fresh blood for Ottawa synth hungry fans!     

ANDRÉ ET MICHÈLE (Ottawa Techno, Electronic, Experimental)
Techno meets art rock: André et Michèle converge the best of unlikely musical worlds, from dance floor grooves to indie rock to spacey ambient sounds.With synthesizers, drum machines, and guitar/ebow, each live performance is a completely improvised tapestry that starts from a blank canvas. Experimental lounging grooves to full-on dance floor stormers, often within the same set - always fun to watch & dance to.