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DAISY/VIOLET + Flying Fortress + Video Futur + Empty Nesters

Presented by: House of TARG, Whitewater Brewing Company
Doors: 8pm / Show at 8:30pm / 19+
Cover: $10

Daisy/Violet (Garage Punk Glam / Chicago)
Daisy/Violet is an American punk rock band that formed in Chicago totally at random. They played their first show a month after they met in 2018. They are a bit bummed not to have any weird nor crazy adventures to write on their bio right now and are planning to go on tour in a few months to remedy this issue.

Despite achieving no commercial success yet, the band will hopefully be vastly influential in the United States, the United Kingdom and the United World, also inspiring the reemergence of pop punk and very bad humor.

Flying Fortress (Metal punk / Ottawa)
Flying Fortress are a 2 piece containing Brandon Wars ( Goat Horn, Zuku) vocals/bass and Steelrider ( Goat Horn, Cauldron) drums. Hailing from northeast music mecca Pembroke, Ontario these two play louder and boast more melody than most 4 piece groups. Keeping true to a DIY asthetic, Flying Fortress engineer, produce and record every track from their hangar studio, 18B. All designs, shirts and merch are also made by the band, pressed from 18B. Flying Fortress play crusty thrash rock that is chalked full of catchy melodies and hooks. Sure to please audiences that love metal and rock but, hold great songs as paramount. Fast and furious, Flying Fortress comes at you like the bomber that shares the same name.

VIDEO FUTUR (Americana Punk Garage Flower / Montreal)
Video Futur are a 4 piece loud band sometimes punk, sometimes rock'n roll, never boring ! If you like Jay Reatard, Black Lips or Oblivians....

EMPTY NESTERS (Indie Pop Shoegaze / Ottawa)
Recorded in solo project, in live it's a 3 piece performance !!!

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