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Black Forest Ramp-Up Show: Audio Visceral + World War 4 + more

Presented by: Beau's, Birling, Vans House of TARG
Doors: 8pm / Show at 8:30pm / 19+
Cover: PWYC Suggested $5 Donation

BEAUSOKTOBERFEST is nearly upon us.... & that means it is time to celebrate the festival's punk/skateboarding/weirdo oasis that is THE BLACK FOREST STAGE. More importantly it is that time of year to start raising some dough for FOR PIVOTS SAKE.... a fantastic charity that helps mentor underprivileged kids and puts refurbished skateboards in their hands. We hope you can help out

Live Performances by:

Vankleek Hill Punk/Garage Rock)
Three Piece power/punk/rock/garage/beer drinking/ beer making. Three Piece power/punk/rock/garage/beer drinking/beer making. Steve Beauchesne (formerly of Constable Brennan), handles guitars and lead vocals. Kevin James (formerly of Bender and The Almighty Trigger Happy) stroll deftly all over his bass strings, Gary Doherty (formerly of The Almighty Trigger Happy and Headcramp) frenetic drumming. Audio Visceral’s debut recording, Cildce Bihaver (pronounced Childish Behaviour), was released on Sudden Death Recordsp roduced by Ian Blurton (Public Animal, Change of Heart)

WORLD WAR 4 (Ottawa Thrash)
Crossover, Thrash. Straight up punk infused Metal

PLUS DJ Callum Browne adding some spice to the mix! With the king of all skate nerds involved, you know the tunes will make you want to rip!

That's right, throughout the evening contestants will battle it out for the top score on a yet to be determined version/level of TONY HAWK PRO SKATER.... ALL ON THE BIG SCREEN. Wicked prizes from VANS will be on the line plus each $1 entry fee will be going to FOR PIVOTS SAKE. 

Lookout - we will be bringing back our Giant Mechanical Ice Cold Beer Game. Fastest time completing all the holes from 1 - 10 will be crowned the camp and receive some excellent prizes. Plus each $1 entry fee will be going to FOR PIVOTS SAKE. 

Try and outbid you pals to get great deals on amazing items donated by the good folks at Meow! That's Hot. Vertigo RecordsBirlingBeau's Oktoberfest 10th Edition & House of TARG. All the money raised goes to FOR PIVOTS SAKE!

Engaged with the community since its inception in 2012, For Pivots Sake has made great strides with the refurbished decks program, which asks skaters in the community to donate their used skateboard parts (trucks, wheels, boards, bearings, hardware). The crew at Birling Skate Shop create new boards from donated hardware to give back to youth in need of them within the community.

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