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AMULET (UK) + Barrow Wight + Manacle + Metal and Hell S.O.S

Presented by: Ithil, House Of TARG, PBR
Doors: 9pm / Show at 10pm
Cover: $10 / $7 in advance

From England comes Amulet who play heavy metal from a bygone age. Think Pentagram meets Witchfinder General. On the road to wings of metal They are here to crack the noose on our necks!

Like a shadow from Mordor comes Barrow Wight who cross the Crude sounds of bands like Amebix and Venom with the spooky vibes of The Sisters of Mercy, but set in Middle Earth.

From the wastes of Toronto comes Manacle who play metal in the old way. Drawing influence from bands like Cirith Ungol, Omen, Ostrogoth Manacle is coming over to rip us to shreds. Not to be missed!

A Trans Atlantic band has been added called Metal and Hell S.O.S out of members from Gatekrashor from Calgary, along side members from Manacle and Amulet.