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HOT SNAKE HANDLERS + Bearshark + The Greasemarks

Presented by: House of TARG, Beau's All Natural
Doors: 9pm / Show at 10pm
Cover: $5 Before 10pm / $7 After 10pm

Hot Snake Handlers are a new and exciting punk country and psychobilly band. Drawing from classic country, rockabilly and blues sounds, and then cranking it to 11, the Hot Snake Handlers are a force to be reckoned with, or at least noticed for two seconds when you look up from your phone and say "Huh".

Speed, sweat, yelling, loud noises, twang: these things are Hot Snake Handlers.

BEARSHARK are a Canadian duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Jeff Coghill and drummer/percussionist Hamish Robertson. The band formed in Ottawa, Canada, in 2011. Since first meeting in the Fall of 2005 they have spent most of their time together listening to records and watching each other's various bands. Jeff has been influenced by music that is raw, visceral and primarily founded on the expression of a moment, while Hamish has roots in music that seeks to create an emotional experience for the listener. When they decided to form BEARSHARK they wanted the music to be raw, spontaneous, and founded upon the idea that no individual can let themselves get in the way of the music. The sound of the band could aptly be described with the words 'loud delta rock'. It's not quite delta blues, it's not quite rock 'n' roll, but it is new every evening and it will make your body move. 

Leaving a trail of grease stained pillows, broken hearts and busted amps in their wake The Greasemarks play desperate 50's rockabilly raw & right! A bassist slapping-out-the-rhythm, while the drummer holds the savage beat; a guitarist not thinkin' much beyond keepin' the chords live, & a young, drunk, explosion of nervous energy up front, barely able to hold the acoustic guitar in his hand as he chokes out the words.