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PUNK ROCK COVER NIGHT #11 - MC5 + Buzzcocks + 4Skins + more

Presented by: House Of TARG, Finish What You Started
Doors: 9pm / Show at 10pm
Cover: $5

done by members of Loviatar and Dead City Rebels

done by members of Ornaments

done by members of The Rookers and Shackles

done by The Donner Party

done by members of four-stroke and The Bella Bombs

All money raised is going to 'Ottawa Sucks: Ottawa's Underground 2003-2007'. A look back at Ottawa's underground punk, hardcore and indie music scene. A DVD/LP/Zine combination based around all the footage Alex 'Alhooter' Hurter filmed during that era. It'll feature the likes of Buried Inside, Take One For The Team, Million Dollar Marxists, Experiment In Terror, The Riptides, The Creeps, Van Johnson, The Vanishing Act, As The Poets Affirm, Miles Between Us, If Tomorrow Comes, Fox On The Run, Visceras Recital, No Other Way, Atherton, The Love Machine and tons more! The DVD will feature live footage of these bands at Club Saw, Babylon, Blackburn Community Centre, and Bumpers among other spots, with interviews from the people involved in the underground scene during that time. The LP will be a compilation featuring the Ottawa anthems of that era. The zine will feature 1 page and 2 page inserts on each band featured in this project. We are raising money to make this project happen so that everyone from that era can finally see all of that glorious footage and re-live those days, and new people and people from all over the world can get a glimpse at a vibrant and awesome time in Ottawa`s underground.