Our Eclectic Collection Of Pinball & Classic Arcade Games All Started With One Machine... TARG!

Our Pinball Tables

- The Sopranos (Stern, 2005)
- Harley Davidson (Sega, 1999)
- Iron Man (Stern, 2010)
- Star Wars (Stern, 2017)
- The Walking Dead (Pro) (Stern, 2014)
- Iron Maiden (Stern, 2018)
- Tales from the Crypt (Data East, 1993)
- Game of Thrones (Pro) (Stern, 2015)
- Guardians of the Galaxy (Stern, 2017)
- Ghostbusters (Stern, 2016)
- Bride of Pinbot 2.0 (Dutch, 2014)
- Transformers (Stern, 1999)
- South Park (Sega, 1999)
- Ripley's Believe It Or Not (Stern 2004)
- The Simpsons (Data East, 1990)
- The Addams Family (Bally, 1992)
- Super Mario Bros. (Gottlieb, 1992)


Our Classic Arcade Games

Strike Master, Tekken 3, Total Carnage, Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh, NEO GEO Multicade, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, San Francisco Rush the Rock - Alcatraz Edition, Area51/Maximum Force, The Keisatsukan 2, TARG(et) Terror, Police Trainer, Cocktail Multicade Cabinet x2 (different games), Double Dragon, Super Chexx Bubble Hockey, Mortal Kombat II, Galaxian Multicade Cabinet, Marvel, Superman, Tetris, Turbo, Centipede Cocktail,  Automated Teller Machine (requires interac® debit card).

OUR MULTICADE Machines feature: Joust, Bubbles, Burger Time, Donkey Kong, 1942, Galaga, Galaxian, Qix, Pac Man, Pooyan .... 

Post Your High Scores To @houseofTarg On Twitter With #TARGhighscore & It Will Show Up Here!

Sample Tweet: @houseofTarg Donkey Kong 1,138,600 #TARGhighscore
(Tip: include a photo so your pals don't call bullcrap on you)



Ottawa's Only True Classic Arcade

The House of TARG prides itself on being Ottawa’s only true classic arcade. We are very fortunate to be working with Geoff Parr (www.pinhead.ca) and Josh McKay (www.ottawapinball.com) to bring you the best games in town!! 

We are also dedicated to preserving and promoting classic arcade games that are impossible to find and play anywhere else!! Our games will rotate on a regular basis – If you have a machine sitting in your basement get in touch!! 

We can probably fix it for you. The proceeds from one of our machines will always go to charity – it will be clearly marked from month to month.