Wizard Social Responsibility

The heartbeat of TARG is to serve our community and we will always be committed to that. We aren’t exactly Bill Gates when it comes to philanthropy but we strive to do what we can to make our limited resources available to friends, organizations & initiatives we believe in. Sharing our space, making modest financial contributions, lending our social media reach & the ever popular perogi gift certificate donation are just some of the ways we have figured out how to offer support... so far. Here are some of the hard working folks we have partnered with in our first year. We are listing them with the hope that you, our patrons, can lend a hand or an ear whenever possible: 

TED (Targeted Engagement and Diversion)
TED takes hopsital services to places where the homeless gather, making it easier for people to get care when they need it. Many of these patients have spent decades in shelters and had been considered to be beyond the reach of the health and social-services system. This is a new program operated by the Ottawa Inner City Health partners. Developed in response to the high numbers of homeless people presenting to hospital ERs with symptoms of substance abuse and mental illness, the TED program not only offers a safe place for people to be monitored while under the influence but supports easy access to treatment and care for substance use, physical health problems and mental illness.

Special Care Unit for Women
is operated in partnership with Shepherd's of Good Hope and Canadian Mental Health Association. The project is for homeless women with complex health needs. This targets women who have been discharged from the hospital, have mental health issues or have over whelming addiction issues. These women suffer from poor health status and getting their monthly cycle can be an overwhelming and limiting time of the month when supplies are low. We hosted a very successful benefit concert that accepted feminine products lieu of the cover charge/donation.

Friendly Giants Dog Rescue

Daisy’s Drop-In 
Is a safe space for women sex workers that provides breakfast, snacks, coffee chats & support. For more info, call Allison: 613.327.0002 - 1475 Caldwell Ave

An organization that raises money to sponsor girls in Tanzania through secondary school and beyond while also sponsoring micro loans and micro business opportunities with women.

Ticket Defence Program
A working group of Direct Action Casework Ottawa and Legal Support Ottawa challenges tickets issued to homeless and street-involved people for illegal camping, panhandling, soliciting near a taxi stand, soliciting in an aggressive manner, etc. under the provincial Safe Streets Act and National Capital Commission, OC Transpo and City of Ottawa bylaws. Anyone who gets a ticket attends at a biweekly drop-in at the Ottawa Mission and Centretown Community Health Centre. Clients can then authorize a lawyer and law students to act on their behalf in court.

Right To Play is a global organization that uses the transformative power of play - playing sports, playing games - to educate and empower children facing adversity.

Ottawa Food Bank
The Ottawa Food Bank was founded in the basement of the former police station on Waller Street in 1984. Originally intended to be temporary in nature, the Ottawa Food Bank has grown to become a staple food relief organization in the Region. Today, we support 140 emergency food programs that feed approximately 50,000 people per month – 37 per cent of whom are children.


Unshaven Mavens grow their underarm hair for the entire month of October, all the while raising funds for Rethink Breast Cancer, a Canadian breast cancer charity that brings bold, relevant awareness to the under-40 crowd. Unshaven Mavens zeros in on the armpit because early breast cancer symptoms can also be detected in the underarm area, not just the breast

Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls is an annual, non-profit three-day event where girls aged 13 to 17 learn and practice an instrument (bass, guitar or drums), form a band, and perform at a Showcase Concert.

The Door is a place for youth ages 12 - 18 to go and participate in social and developmental activities in a safe, accessible, and supportive environment. The vision of the The Door is for young people to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors to become independent adults capable of realizing their full potential and participating actively in their communities.

CSCS Ottawa: The Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites
60%+ of people in Ottawa who inject drugs are living with Hep C. At least 36 people died from drug overdose in Ottawa last year - deaths that could have been prevented. Opening these sites in Ottawa would: reduce the spread of HIV and hepatitis C by providing sterile drug equipment and safe disposal of used needles and pipes, prevent deaths caused by overdose, decrease drug use in public and reduce drug equipment litter, and provide's access to health and social services, such as first aid treatment and referral to addiction recovery programs.


The organizers of these excellent events deserve kudos.